The Village of Cairo

Cairo is located at the intersection of what was the east–west U.S. Route 30 (the Lincoln Highway) and the north–south State Route 65 (“Ottawa Road”) in the middle of farming country. In the 1970s, Route 30 was upgraded and moved approximately one mile south of Cairo. Now, the east–west street in Cairo is Main Street. Cairo lies near the following city and towns:

  • Lima, about six miles to the south on State Route 65
  • Columbus Grove, about six miles to the north on State Route 65
  • Gomer, about five miles to the west on the old Lincoln Highway route
  • Beaverdam, about six miles to the east on the old Lincoln Highway route

The Council of the Village of Cairo meets on the second Monday of the month at 7 pm in the council meeting room. Any variations from the normal meeting times will be posted at the Cairo post office, Cairo library, and the Cairo Elevator.